'No Man's Sky' release date news 2016: Game launch delayed anew?

There are speculations that the scheduled release date of "No Man's Sky" will be delayed anew. The absence of the much-anticipated video game of 2016 in the recently concluded Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2016 was seen by many as a sign that Hello Games may be postponing the game launch. However, there might be an explanation regarding the game being a no-show at the huge electronic gaming event.

"No Man's Sky" | No Man's Sky official website

The "No Man's Sky" game director himself, Sean Murray, revealed the reason why Hello Games opted not to include the new game title in their presentation at E3 2016. As reported by The Bitbag, Murray posted a message on his Twitter account, saying that they do not want to make a hype for "No Man's Sky." Murray stated that they wanted to make the game as a better game title, and they would not like to make other things just to build a bigger hype for the video game.

Still, the absence of "No Man's Sky" at E3 2016 may be an indication the game may not be ready for launching just yet. It was already reported that the game is set for an August release date. Originally, "No Man's Sky" must have already been released this month. Due to unspecified reasons, the previously announced release of the game was moved to a later date. Therefore, it is rumored that Hello Games might be delaying the release of the game once again from the August schedule.

Even before the full launch of "No Man's Sky," the game has already garnered several acknowledgments and recognitions. BBC's technology reporter Dave Lee noted that while the game features "no flashing lights, no pounding music, no booth babes," it still managed to "stole the show" during a press conference of Sony PlayStation on June 2014. "No Man's Sky'" also won in E3 2014 Game Critics Awards as Best Original Game and Best Independent Game and received the Special Commendation for Innovation.