'One Punch Man' Season 2 release date, news, updates, rumors: Premiere set in October?

One Punch Man is expected to return later this year. | One Punch Man Official Facebook page

The second season of highly popular anime series "One Punch Man" has been rumored to arrive this year, although there are no confirmed reports from its production team regarding the show's return. However, the latest rumors suggest that Season 2 is indeed coming this year with an October premiere date. Moreover, the return of the anime series will include more than 12 episodes of non-stop action.

There are doubts whether "One Punch Man" Season 2 will be aired this year as there are a number of preparations that need to be done before the final version of the anime can be released. However, as reported by the news website Yibada, "One Punch Man" manga creator Yusuke Murata revealed that he and his team are already in the "first phase" of production, meaning that the second season is already underway. If there will be no other problems with the creation of Season 2's contents, Madhouse Entertainment is expected to release the new episodes as early as October. Madhouse Entertainment is the Japanese studio behind the anime version of "One Punch Man."

Meanwhile, there are rumors that "One Punch Man" Season 2 will be composed of more than 12 episodes. This is due to various contents in the manga version that can be covered by the anime. One of the possible story arcs that can be included in the anime is the civil war among the Earth's most powerful heroes. Specifically, the "One Punch Man" civil war will involve the members of Hero Association and the Hero Hunter group. Also, Breathe CAST reported that the second season will feature the return of Lord Boros who was defeated by the series' lead hero Saitama. Lord Boros is expected to make a strong comeback with his arm fully regenerated after his fight with Saitama in Season 1's finale episode.