Perry Noble will go 'dark' on social media after rehab stint

Perry Noble, the former senior pastor of NewSpring Church, announced that he recently completed a 30-day treatment for his alcoholism. He stated that he will not be posting or responding to any comments on social media for the time being.

Noble confessed on Facebook that his time at the facility in Arizona was difficult for him. He plans to return to the ministry in the future with the help of his therapist.

(Screen capture/Youtube/Elevation Church)Perry Noble at the Elevation Church

"John Walker has been my therapist for around seven years now and I hold him in [the] highest regard," Noble wrote. "Together John and I will work through/develop a plan that will lead to the health and well-being of my family, and, over an extended period of time, a return to ministry is some sort of capacity," he continued.

Noble asked his followers to pray for his family and his therapist. He said that he will be posting on social media again when Walker permits it. Near the end of his post, he expressed his optimism for the future.

"I can honestly say I am excited about the future God has for me and my family. The one thing I keep hearing from Him over and over again is that He is not finished with me," he said.

The executive pastors of NewSpring cited alcoholism as one of the reasons Noble was fired as a pastor in July. They also noted Perry's behavior and his attitude towards his marriage. Noble posted a video where he apologized for his dependence on alchohol and acknowledged that the Church made the right decision to fire him.

Last month, Tyndale House Publishers decided to put Noble's book on hold. "11 1/2 Questions To Help You Date Without Regret" was scheduled for release on Tuesday, Sept. 27, but its status has been changed to "unscheduled."

Noble's other books, however, are still available at Tyndale's official website.


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