Phil Robertson in new documentary 'Torchbearer' to challenge post-Christian worldview

A new documentary titled "Torchbearer" featuring "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson will be challenging the post-Christian worldview when it hits select theaters on Oct. 7.

The film, directed by veteran filmmaker Steve Bannon, features footages from real-life events from world history. Robertson guides the viewers to a tour in Athens, Rome, Paris and even the Nazi death camp in Auschwitz to examine what happens to societies without God's guidance.

(Youtube/Duck Dynasty on A&E)Phil Robertson on "Duck Dynasty"

Robertson also delves into historical events such as the creation of the atomic bomb, the Holocaust and the Civil Rights movement.

In an earlier interview with Bannon for Breitbart, Robertson shared what he thought about the places he visited in Europe while making the film.

"When I was in those places that you just mentioned — Auschwitz, and where the French Revolution took place, and those ruins where I thought about the Romans and how they slaughtered our brothers and sisters on a scale of what ISIS is currently doing — and I'm telling you the truth that it was actually overwhelming," said Robertson.

"When I stood on Mar's Hill where the Apostle Paul gave that speech and introduced Christianity to the Greeks, when I stood there... it was the most overwhelming feeling I've experienced in my life on the Earth in the last 70 years," he added.

Robertson stated that he is hopeful that people will repent and turn to God. He proceeded to call on Americans and the U.S. government to do so.

The film was produced by David N. Bossie, who is currently the deputy campaign manager of Donald Trump. Bannon, who is the CEO of Trump's presidential campaign and former executive chairman of Breitbart News, co-wrote the film with Robertson's nephew, Zach Dasher and Breitbart Senior West Coast Editor Rebecca Mansour.

The film was screened at the Cannes Film Festival in France last May. It had its debut at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last July.

"Torchbearer" will also be released on other platforms such as Comcast, iTunes, Amazon, Dish, Vudu and more.



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