'Pokemon GO' cheats, tips, tricks guide & review 2016: Where to find the eggs?

"Pokemon GO" is now available for download although it's not available in all locations yet. Many fans have already started out their Pokémon hunting journey and while some find it a breeze, others may be having some difficulty.

Luckily, the web is now packed with tips, tricks, guides and whatnots that any Pokémon trainer can use to make their collecting adventure easier.

"Pokemon GO" is now available to play in select countries. | The Pokemon Company

First is the Eggs, which can be hatched into various Pokémon. According to Gamepur, players must look for eggs and hatch these using the Egg incubator that is provided as they start up in the game. They will be able to chance upon the Egg through the various PokeStops, which is also where they will get PokeBalls and other items like Potions. For those who don't know yet, the PokeStops are the blue squares on the map.

To hatch the Eggs, gamers must walk off the kilometers required. It's indicated in every Egg that needs to be hatched. Gazette Review mentions a trick though on how to get the eggs hatching without walking the miles.

One may tape their phone onto a ceiling fan and let it run slowly for a few minutes. The publication said that it worked but since anything can happen, gamers will just have to try for themselves and see if it does the same magic. They have to remember though to keep the app open to make the hatching process work.

In looking for Pokémon monsters, Digital Spy tipped to take note of rustling grass when walking around. It's a usual hiding place for a Pokémon and gamers will likely spot one there. Another tip is to check out footprints, or in this case, "Poke paw prints."

Whenever a Pokémon is close by, the app will indicate it by paw prints and not in metrics. For instance, one paw print may mean a monster is very near. Two paw prints could mean that it's just a little further away.

There's still a lot to explore in the game so fans should watch out for more of that.