'Pokemon Go' tips & tricks: New buddy system for acquiring candy; how to level up with candy

"Pokémon Go" logo. | Official Pokémon Go Website

Curious players get to explore the features of "Pokemon Go," a location-based augmented reality game developed by Niantic. Recently, gamers discovered the buddy system, a feature which will basically allow trainers to walk side by side with their Pokemon.

According to Pokemon Go Hub, this development was mined from the app's latest update. The news outlet revealed that Niantic is currently working on this feature so that players can have the ultimate Pokemon trainer experience. Pokemon Go Hub suspected that the buddy system could go live next week.

With this new system in place, Pokemon will be able to fly next to their trainer and rest on their trainer's shoulders.

Through the buddy system, players can also reportedly acquire candy. As to the amount of candy that will be rewarded, the report was not able to confirm. Moreover, there will be a daily limit for the candy rewards.

While the buddy system is not yet live, gamers should focus on leveling up. Cnet suggested that the fastest way for trainers to level up is by catching and evolving weak Pokemon. In the process, gamers need to transfer Pokemon for candy.

According to the report, players should opt to find Pidgeys, Weedles and Caterpies because they are the easiest to evolve, needing only 12 candies each. Since players gain three candies for each creature captured, players only need to catch four Pokemon to get one of the aforementioned Pokemon to evolve.

After the Aug. 29 update, Pidgey has become more common around city areas. The creature, however, has a tendency to flee. This makes it quite difficult to catch. Nevertheless, if players want an easy way to level up without getting banned, catching Pidgeys is a much better alternative.

Catching and evolving four Pidgeys, Weedles or Caterpies will deliver 900 XP. Players should opt to hatch Lucky Eggs which will double the XP acquired within the past 30 minutes of playing.