Pure Flix contributes $25,000 for replacement of destroyed Ten Commandments monument in Arkansas

(Reuters/Steve Barnes)A statue of the Ten Commandments is seen after it was installed on the grounds of the state Capitol in Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S. June 27, 2017.

Independent Christian film studio Pure Flix Entertainment has donated $25,000 to help replace a Ten Commandments monument that was destroyed less than 24 hours after it was installed on the grounds of the Arkansas Capitol last month.

On Thursday, Pure Flix donated the funds to the American History and Heritage Foundation to help replace the six-foot tall granite display that was destroyed on June 27 after a man allegedly drove his vehicle into the monument.

"Little Rock--and Arkansas in general--have been very hospitable to us and we want give back to the community in a meaningful way," said Pure Flix COO Steve Fedyski in a press release, according to CBN News. "We hope our donation will contribute to the costs to rebuild this beautiful landmark," he added.

Pure Flix's "God's Not Dead" film franchises were filmed in Little Rock, and the studio has announced that the third installation of the movie will also be filmed in the city beginning this fall.

Republican Sen. Jason Rapert, who sponsored the 2015 law to allow Arkansas to install the privately-funded monument near the Capitol, said that over $54,000 has been raised since the destruction of the display.

Capitol police have arrested Michael Tate Reed, 32, who reportedly streamed a live video of the destruction of the monument on social media.

The Facebook Live video posted on what is believed to be Reed's account, showed a driver shining his headlights on the display and shouting "Freedom!" as he drove towards it. The video was cut just as the vehicle made contact with the monument.

"I'm a firm believer that part of salvation is that we not only have faith in Jesus Christ but we obey the commands of God, and that we confess Jesus as Lord," Reed reportedly said in the video.

"But one thing I do not support is the violation of our Constitutional right to have the freedom that's guaranteed to us, that guarantees us the separation of church and state," he added.

A man with the same name has also been accused of destroying a Ten Commandments monument in neighboring Oklahoma in 2014.

It has been reported that Reed has been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder after he was taken to a mental facility for evaluation after he crashed his truck into the Ten Commandments statue at the Oklahoma state Capitol.

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