Randy Travis serenades audience for the first time since massive stroke 3 years ago


Country music legend Randy Travis suffered a major stroke in 2013, and almost died due to health complications. 

Miraculously, some three years later, Travis has not only fully recovered, but has started singing once more.

According to a report by News Max, Travis, 56, was suffering from a serious respiratory illness at that time, and he also had heart complications. When he lapsed into unconsciousness and his heart stopped beating for a short while, doctors discovered that he suffered from a major stroke which only one to two percent of patients survive.

One of his attending doctors, Dr. Michael Schneck said that a blod clot formed in his heart, and then travelled to his brain results in a stroke called malignant middle cerebral infarction.

As a result of the stroke, a portion of his skull needed to be temporarily taken out. 

Dr. Schneck, who is a neurology professor at the Loyola University School of Medicine in Maywood, Ill., said the fact that Travis survived the ordeal was already "very impressive."

However, the doctor explained that undergoing such a procedure puts the person at risk of severely impairing his mobility. Because of this, most stroke survivors are confined to a wheel chair, need assistance from other people, and may have speech problems. 

Fortunately, the country singer underwent intensive physical therapy in order to regain his strength and normal bodily functions.

"We go to outpatient therapy five days a week here in Denton, 30-45 minutes from home," said wife Mary Davis. "Then we come home and do some more of it."

While Travis' dramatic recovery is seen as a miracle, Dr. Schneck also said that his age, financial capacity and the support of his wife Mary were some factors that helped him recover faster than most stroke patients.

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