Ray Comfort's 'The Atheist Delusion' receives nomination at science film festival

(YouTube/Living Waters)Ray Comfort is seen in a screen capture of a video from Living Waters

Ray Comfort's documentary "The Atheist Delusion," which purported to "destroy atheism with one scientific question," has been nominated for an award at the Raw Science Film Festival.

"We are so honored to have this film officially recognized by such an important film festival," said Comfort in a statement released on Monday.

"To be recognized for our scientific approach and proofs of what is normally dismissed as simple religion is humbling. In the argument of religion versus science, we hope to show people that it's not either/or, but that science supports the existence of the Creator, and our creator is the very author of science," he added.

The panel of judges at the festival include an Oscar winner, an explorer with the National Geographic, an MIT Board of Governors member and other distinguished jurists.

The film features Comfort challenging several atheists on their beliefs and trying to convince them of God's existence. He points to verses in the Bible that made declarations about the Universe that were scientifically proven thousands of years later.

Comfort has admitted that the film is unlikely to change the mind of hardened atheists, but he believes that those who are open-minded will be convinced of God's existence.

The movie received low ratings on IMDB after it premiered at the Ark Encounter last October. He accused atheists of down-voting the film and said that it was targeted because it "disproves atheism with one scientific question."

Hemant Mehta of The Friendly Atheist blog insisted that there is "nothing scientific" about Comfort's film, and he questioned the credibility of the Raw Science Film Festival. He claimed that past winners have said that they did not receive any prize money or recognition.

"So it's a festival that damn near anyone can be nominated for as long as you fill out the entry form and one where even the winners aren't entirely thrilled," he remarked.

The movie was made available for free on YouTube on the same day of the premiere. It has received endorsements from prominent Christian figures such as Lousiana Sen. Ryan Gatti, Answers in Genesis CEO Ken Ham, Fox News contributor Sandy Rios, American Family Association President Tim Wildmon, TV Host Jason Benham and World Net Daily CEO Joseph Farah.

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