Report: Searchers Digging For Hannah Graham After Dogs Flag Area

(Facebook and Reuters photos)Combo images show Hannah Graham, a missing University of Virginia student, and (inset) Jesse Matthew, the suspect in her disappearance case.

Searchers involved in the search for missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham said in a recent interview that they plan to dig in an area of interest that has been visited by search dogs.

The lead searchers involved in finding Graham told CNN's Coy Barefoot that they were planning on focusing on an area that search dogs have flagged. 

When CNN host Wolf Blitzer asked CNN law enforcement expert Tom Fuentes about his opinion on the accuracy of search dogs, Fuentes replied: "Well to be honest Wolf, my experience with the dogs in the area has been mixed. Sometimes they do great work and sometimes they have false positives or they miss something they shouldn't have missed. We just hope for the best and hope these dogs are accurate."

18-year-old Graham went missing on Sept. 13 after getting separated from her friends in the downtown area of the University of Virginia. Surveillance footage from the early hours of the morning shows an intoxicated Graham stumbling through the downtown area before meeting Jesse Matthew, who is shown on surveillance footage putting his arm around Graham.

Matthew has been arrested with abduction and an intent to defile in Graham's disappearance. Graham's parents, originally from Great Britain, have repeatedly implored the public to offer any clues as to the disappearance of Graham.

"It is heart-breaking for us that the person or persons who know where Hannah is have not come forward with that information," John and Sue Graham said in the statement one the one-month anniversary of their daughter's disappearance. "It is within their power both to end this nightmare for all, and to relieve the searchers of their arduous task."

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