'Sinners list' placard in Manchester captures interest of online community

The placard that a preacher placed in a public area in Manchester has captured the interest of the online community. It lists the sins that would prevent those who commit them from going to heaven.

The sign reads: "WARNING: Fornicators, Drunkards, Sodomites, Homosexuals, Gangster Rappers, Immodest Women, Immoral Movie Watchers, Darwinists, Feminists, Atheists, Abortionists, Socialist, Pot Smokers, Dirty Dancers, Gamblers, Masturbators, Racists, Cameron, Glegg, Labour voters, Abusers, Adulterers, Evolutionists, Liberals, Terrorists, Properity Preachers WILL NOT INHERIT GOD'S KINGDOM."

There is also some smaller text at the bottom that says, "Hell awaits all sinners. Repent or perish. Judgment is coming!"

A round badge-like sign is placed on the upper left-hand corner with "sin" written on it but cross out.

The placard was placed right along Market Street. According to Metro, writer-director Matt Bloom was the one who posted a photo of the sign on Twitter on Saturday.

He wrote: "A real sign by religious preachers in Manchester's main shopping street. How many are YOU?"

One comment reads, "No vegans on there -or is it just a matter of time?" while another one says, "Can non-gangster rappers breathe a sign of relief?" One commenter wrote, "gods kingdom doesn't sound very fun at all."

In their reports, Metro's headline says that "we're all going to hell" while Mirror says that the preacher's list "tells pretty much everyone" that they won't be going to heaven. However, Metro surmises that it may have been made by someone who was mocking religion rather than uplifting it.

The "sinners list" has apparently been made fun of by some. There are members of the online community who played what is dubbed as "sin bingo" in which they try to outscore each other when it comes to which ones apply to them.  

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