'Star Citizen' latest update: Want to see the progress of the game's development? RSI decides to keep it public

A scene from "Star Citizen" as promoted by RSI on its Twitter page | Twitter/Star Citizen

Players of "Star Citizen" surely remember that the game had a humble start, seeking capital through crowdfunding to start development. Now, "Star Citizen 2" is about to come out and here is the latest of the anticipated title.

It took time and effort before "Star Citizen" was able to raise more than $2 million from the generous people who patronized the game. Since then, a lot of changes were seen in the game and it continued to be one of the most successful games that were able to maintain a significant amount of players over time.

That is why it is just reasonable for avid players to expect a sequel and fortunately, "Star Citizen 2" is already in the works. The development of the game was backed up even more by fans as it was able to raise more than $130 million. According to Gamasutra, the title became rather ambitious and there is no release date announced yet.

Developer RSI shared the latest progress in the making and announced that they are opening up the production schedule for the players. He said, "We have taken a lot of flak over the last couple of years for the extending timeline of Star Citizen, but the simple fact is that game development, especially game development on the scale of Star Citizen, is complicated."

"So for Star Citizen Alpha 2.6, we're going to share our internal schedule and its breakouts on a weekly basis. These are the very same schedules we update daily and are circulated internally on our intra-studio hand-offs," the developer added.

The developer, however, stated that the named assigned to each task is kept undisclosed. The jargon, on the other hand, will be accessible by the public, especially for those who are not game developers.

Furthermore, players will be able to receive weekly updates, like what the developers receive, so that if something has to be changed or pushed back, they will be informed. However, fans are warned that everything should be taken with a pinch of salt as everything are just estimates.