Stephen Baldwin claims Hollywood execs reject him because of his Christian faith

Stephen Baldwin appears in a screen capture of a video from New Life Media. | YouTube/New Life Media

Actor Stephen Baldwin has said that Hollywood executives have been unwilling to work with him because of his Christian faith as well as his support for President Donald Trump.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter to promote his new show, "The Great American Pilgrimage," Baldwin spoke about how his faith has negatively impacted his career.

When asked if he was bothered to be known as "the Jesus freak of Hollywood," the actor replied, "Yes and no."

"It's unfortunate that because I have believed in Jesus for 15 years that there are many in Hollywood who are unwilling to work with me. That's not a guess. Casting people and producers have told me that they've brought up my name in a room and the response was, 'No way, we're not bringing that guy and his Bible over here,'" he went on to say.

During the interview, Baldwin was also asked whether his Christianity has hurt his career more than his support for Trump. The actor initially appeared to have dodged the question but he later circled back and said: "The answer is, of course, Jesus. But President Trump is a not-too-far-behind, very close second."

Baldwin, who is known for hit films such as "Born on the Fourth of July" and "The Usual Suspects," has claimed that there is a "large constituency in Hollywood" voted for Trump but would never admit it for fear of being blacklisted.

He also quipped that his older brother Alec Baldwin, who is known for bashing the president, would vote for Trump in the next election because of the new tax cuts.

"With the amount of money Alec [Baldwin] is going to make with this new tax cut, I bet he votes for Trump for re-election. Just saying!" he said.

The younger Baldwin had admitted that he was not a fan of Alec's impression of Trump and said that he had not seen his brother since the election.

He recounted that a friend once joked that Alec was worried that Trump would appoint him to a position in the government, but the 51-year-old actor assured his brother that he would just be staying at home praying for the president's continued success.

Baldwin, who became a born-again Christian after the 9/11 terror attacks, had previously told The Christian Post that he believes that Trump was the person that "God had in mind for this time" and he also expressed his belief that the business magnate would do great things in office.

According to THR, "The Great American Pilgrimage" is one of several shows picked up by the Kremlin-backed network Russia Today, which broadcasts to 38 countries. In the new show, Baldwin travels across the U.S. to talk to Americans about the state of the union following Trump's victory in the election.