'Steven Universe' season 4 canceled or renewed rumors: New episode 'Gem Harvest' to air on Nov. 17

Inset is an image from "Steven Universe's" fourth season. | Facebook/StevenUniverse

Right after Morning News USA has reported that "Steven Universe" might get canceled due to its low rating at the start of its fourth season, its loyal fans have begun wondering whether the upcoming episodes will ever see the light of day.

The feeling of doom for the favorited show has been discussed further after the announcement that "Gem Harvest," the series' forthcoming episode would be airing in Germany on Nov. 24 (the American Thanksgiving Day), ahead of its U.S. airing, which has been deemed to be quite unusual for the show. And as "Steven Universe?" doesn't air its episodes in December, more viewers have been reduced with dread that the show might not air until 2017, or worse, canceled.

However, The Geekiary has revealed an otherworldly exciting news to all its fans — "Gem Harvest" is set to air in the United States on Nov. 17. It would serve as its second half-hour special for the show.

Meanwhile, Movie News Guide has also revealed the back-to-back episode titles that would be shown in the succeeding weeks after "Gem Harvest." On the first of December, "Steven Universe" is set to air "Three Gems and a Baby" along with "The New Crystal Gem." On the other hand, the episode on the 17th will have another episode entitled "Gem Harvest 2."

Previously, it should be noted that the show creator Rebecca Sugar has shared a new song for one of the upcoming episodes, "Three Gems and a Baby."

The imminent "Gem Harvest" episode will reportedly focus on Steven visiting the farm where Lapiz Lazuli and Peridot are residing. During his visit, Steven will find out that the farm is swarmed with pumpkins and other plants.

The fourth season's "Gem Harvest" of "Steven Universe" is slated to air on Cartoon Network on Nov. 17, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. EST.