Target boycott organizers tell shoppers: 'Do not let your teens buy their bathing suits at Target'

The approach of the summer season only inspires a new boycott petition against Target retail store calling on those who are opposed to the transgender bathroom policy to avoid buying summer clothes from the company.

(REUTERS/JIM YOUNG)A shopper looks at a sales flier during Black Friday Shopping at a Target store in Chicago, Illinois, United States, in this November 27 , 2015, file photo.

"We're now heading into bathing suit season. ... Do not let your young girls and teen girls buy their summer clothes or bathing suits at Target," urged Andrea Lafferty while speaking at Breitbart News Daily hosted by Stephen K. Bannon in SiriusXM.

Lafferty, president of the Traditional Values Coalition (TVC), revealed she has something up her sleeve and called on more signatures for another boycott petition.

While the TVC website clearly calls on people to boycott Target, the conservative group also mentions Human Rights Council and the ACLU as "radical homosexual and transgender organizations." TVC also accuses them of threatening schools and parents with lawsuits unless they comply with what the conservative group refers to as "outrageous new 'non-discrimination' policies that would allow 40-year old men to wander into locker rooms with girls as young as six."

TVC also declares that they will not remain silent on the transgender issue.

Lafferty defined President Barack Obama's administration as corrupt and called the president's transgender bathroom directive, one that mandates public schools across the U.S. to allow students to use bathrooms according to their gender identification rather than biological sex, as something that's forced "against common sense and the will of the people."

"This is not just about a guy going into a women's bathroom at Target, or wherever. It's also about schools," Lafferty explained. "There is a broader agenda."

The American Family Association (AFA) has amassed more than 1.2 million signatures in a similar boycott campaign against Target. Sandy Rios, director of government affairs for the AFA, has previously spoken with Breibart News Daily where he expressed similar views with Lafferty.

According to Rios, there's a "push from the left to deconstruct" family values. He pointed to the Marxist theory and predicted that the goal of all this to recreate new systems.

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