'The Elder Scrolls 6' release date rumors and news: Bethesda to release game details at E3?

elder scrolls | Facebook/ElderScrolls

"The Elder Scrolls 6" has been a subject of numerous rumors and speculations for a few years now. The latest reports suggest that the sixth installment of the action role-playing open world video game will be revealed at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 2016 in June at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Many fans of the series are expecting game developer and publisher Bethesda to provide significant information about the game at the event. However, there are speculations suggesting that fans may leave E3 in dismay.

According to the new report, the game could be released not earlier than 2019, with some fans saying that it might come out in 2020. Although there are reports saying that the game could be launched as early as next year, most game observers do not see that happening. Despite the contradicting news regarding its release, "The Elder Scrolls" followers are positive that the company will roll out the sixth installment next year.

The franchise has already become one of Bethesda's most successful game series of all time. It has sold 40 million units all over the world. Apparently, fans love the wonderful world of Oblivion, Morrorwind and Skyrim as the game has easily been touted as one of best ever.

Nonetheless, the popularity of the series appeared to have not convinced the game developer to focus on the franchise's sixth installment. For several years, the company has continued to stay mum about its development and release date.

Meanwhile, Pete Hines, the company's VP of PR and Marketing, has already cited Bethesda's mindset in terms of releasing new game titles. He said that the company is more concerned about rolling out quality games instead of releasing in big quantities.

As of the moment, fans will have to wait for the company to provide significant details with regard to the development and release date of "The Elder Scrolls 6."