Tim Tebow stops fan's seizure with the power of prayer

(REUTERS/Danny Moloshok/File Photo)Former NFL player Tim Tebow arrives at the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscars Party in West Hollywood, California, U.S. on March 2, 2014.

Former National Football League (NFL) quarterback Tim Tebow, who is now playing baseball for the New York Mets, demonstrated the power of prayer when he reportedly saved a baseball fan who was suffering from a seizure by praying.

According to ABC News, Tebow was signing autographs after his first baseball game against the Scottsdale Scorpions when a fan in the front row fell to the ground. The man, later identified as Brandon Berry, was convulsing and foaming at the mouth. The man reportedly went limp after his convulsions stopped.

When Tebow reached down to touch Berry and began to pray, the fan gasped for air and coughed loudly.

"It was a miracle moment that happened there," Daniel Kelly, a witness, told the Associated Press.

Tebow stayed with Berry for about 20 minutes until the paramedics arrived.

"I just remember just being very disoriented," Berry told The Associated Press. "Then I saw Tim," he added.

He said that he was doing fine at home after he was discharged from the hospital.

Berry said that he was able to tell the former NFL star that he cheered for Georgia, the rival of Tebow's team, the Florida Gators.

"You just remember what's important," Tebow told ABC News. "Baseball's awesome it's something I'm so excited I get a chance to pursue, but what's important is lives matter, people matter. This young man, he mattered. So my first instinct was to just be with him, put my hands on him and pray for him," he added.

"We get caught up in so many different things, things that we're pursuing and we forget about what matters most is the people around us," he continued.

This was not the first time Tebow prayed for someone suffering from an illness in public. Last June, he prayed with a family of a man who was having a heart attack on a flight bound for Phoenix. The man reportedly got his pulse back when the plane landed but it was later reported that he died at the hospital.



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