Tim Tebow takes time off from sports for mission trip to Philippines

Former National Football League star Tim Tebow went on a mission trip to the Philippines in July to visit the Tebow CURE Hospital in Davao City. Tebow also visited an orphanage and took the time to speak to people in schools and prisons. The Tim Tebow Foundation (TTF) recently released a video of his trip.

(Youtube/timtebowfoundation)Screen capture of Tim Tebow visiting a patient at the Tebow CURE Hospital.

The Tebow CURE Hospital, founded by Tebow, has treated 3,300 patients since it began operations in December 2014. It also has a special area for child patients called "Timmy's Playroom." The room is full of toys and games for children who are recovering from serious illnesses. 

Tebow visited the facility for the first time since its grand opening in May 2015.

"I was born here," Tebow said in the video. "I grew up here in the early stages of my life. I love the Filipino people – they're some of the friendliest, warmest, nicest people in the world. And to be able to come back here and care for them and love them, well it's truly a dream come true," he added.

As part of the mission trip, Tebow also met with the committee in charge of the "Night To Shine" prom. Tebow created the event for people with special needs. 

Tebow shared that there is still a lot of work to be done and he encouraged other people to help. "It's about time that we had everybody pick up the torch, join on the same team. The team of Jesus, the team of helping people, the team of making a difference," he said. "Together we really can change hundreds and thousands and millions of lives and they need our help," he added.

Earlier this August, Tebow revealed his plans to play professional baseball. He received mixed reviews from baseball scouts during his audition. An unidentified scout compared his performance to an actor trying to portray a baseball player. On the other hand, a National League scout said Tebow performed better than expected.

Tebow told PEOPLE that he would continue to help people no matter what happens to his sports career.

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