'Tokyo Ghoul' Season 3 release date, spoilers news: 3rd season's storyline will be based on manga?

The fans are still waiting for the developments regarding the third season of "Tokyo Ghoul." It has been a while since Season 2 aired its finale episode, and the question is whether the production team of the hit action thriller anime series will decide to continue the story. It is possible that the third season will pick up right after the events of Season 2, although the series can head towards a different direction.

"Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3 is said to follow the contents of the original manga series. However, there is still no confirmation regarding the premiere of the new season. | Facebook/funimation

So far, there are no confirmed plot details yet regarding "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3, and there is no tentative premiere date yet set by Funimation. However, there is no stopping the fans to look for rumors on the internet about the return of the anime series. If anything, most of the long-time followers of the anime would like the third season to follow the original manga series more. It has been reported that the previous season received criticisms from the fans as it did not follow the original storyline from the manga. To recall, the second season ended with the series' main protagonist Kaneki having an intense battle with Kishou Arima. The outcome of the fight was not too good for Kaneki as he was badly injured and even lost his sanity. 

Much to the viewers' dismay, the creators of the "Tokyo Ghoul" anime series were not faithful to the original contents of the manga. This is different to what happened during the first season of the anime series, which is said to have followed the manga's original storyline.

If the anime director would decide to follow the manga series more closely this time around with Season 3, Hall of Fame Magazine reported that the new "Tokyo Ghoul" season may tackle Chapters 88 and 89 of the original manga. In these chapters, Kaneki will be seen persuading Kanou to join his cause. 

On the other hand, iTech Post reported that the initial rumors about the winter or late 2016 premiere of "Tokyo Ghoul" Season 3 are not true. As of this point, there is no official announcement yet regarding the production of the next season.