'Tokyo Ghoul' Season 3 spoilers, plot news: Anime to feature new lead character, Madhouse to take over production?

"Tokyo Ghoul" season 3 will be less about Ken Kaneki (pictured) and more about Touka Kirishima. | Facebook/TokyoGhoulTV

After airing two successful seasons, one of this year's most-awaited anime series "Tokyo Ghoul" is set to return for a season 3 with a lot of new surprises to keep fans more interested than ever.

The previous season wrapped up way back March 2015, and according to reports, the series is bound to make a comeback with a new face as the protagonist. Who will that character be?
As of now, details about the show remain scarce, but there are some speculations about the new lead's identity. Touka Kirishima is rumored to be the third season's protagonist, but it remains to be seen if the speculations are true.

On another note, Crossmap notes that there is a possibility of Madhouse taking charge of the production. Fans all over the globe previously made an online petition to let another animation studio handle the series because Studio Pierrot did not give justice to the anime adaptation's second season.

A definitive release date for season 3 has yet to be announced by FUNimation, leading fans to worry if the show will even return at all. Some fans have been reportedly losing interest since there seems to be no effort from the producers to give an update about a release window or new details. Most of them rely on rumors and speculations from various sites, without having any confirmation from the people in charge of production.

If one thing is for certain, "Tokyo Ghoul" remains as one of the Japanese media industry's most sought after manga and anime franchises. As a testament, a recent report from Crunchyroll states that the cover band for June 17's "Tokyo Ghoul" volume 7 announced plans for a live movie adaptation of Sui Ishida's popular series. More details regarding the new movie will be available soon.

"Tokyo Ghoul" season 3 is expected to roll out sometime in Winter 2016.