'Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege' DLC release date news: Ubisoft finally launches DLC pack; third expansion expected to arrive in July?

Rainbow Six Siege Wallpaper | Ubisoft

Fans of "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege" definitely have something to be happy about as video game developer Ubisoft has decided to release another DLC packs for the game. The second expansion of the first-person shooter franchise is titled "Operation Dust Line," which brings in a new map and new items to the game.

The exciting addition has brought in more fun to so many players of the game all over the world. The new map, which is a combination of existing in-game maps, is called "The Border." According to reports, the company has decided to add this map to the game so players will no longer have to go through different map playlists whenever they want to go to another place.

The new DLC packs have also given players the opportunity to trade load-outs with each other during the game. This way, some gamers will not gain any competitive advantage while the game is in progress. The expansion not only gives players easy access to different locations through "The Border," there are also cool gadgets included.

There are several features included in the expansion; however, for the operators and customization, players will need to pay for them.

Valkyrie and Blackbeard are two Navy SEAL operators being introduced in the new DLC packs. They are considered to be two of the best operators and according to the "Rainbow 6" website, the Valkyries has "Black Eye" Gyro Cam Mk2. The easy to use camera will be a great help during a mission, which serves as the "eye in the sky" for the Navy SEAL team.

Additional weapons include a tactical armored rifle and the favorite Desert eagle handguns.

PlayStation Lifestyle reported that the update has also fixed issues of the game including "a Shield-wielding Operator will not receive damage from frontal headshot while holding a Stun, Frag, or Smoke grenade."

The publication added that the third DLC pack might be available in July 2016.