UK MP Tim Farron backs out of Christian event over promotional material criticizing 'gay lobby'

(Reuters/Darren Staples/File Photo)Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron speaks during their General Election campaign launch in Manchester, Britain April 21, 2017.

U.K. politician Tim Farron has reportedly canceled an appearance at a Christian conference in Manchester over concerns about a promotional material that criticizes the "gay lobby" for the "onslaught" on the Church.

According to iNews, Farron, a Member of Parliament for Westmorland and Lonsdale, was a featured speaker at the Men Standing Alone event, which was held at the Holy Trinity Platt Church in Manchester last Saturday.

However, the Christian politician said that he had withdrawn from the conference organized by the Northern Men's Convention after he saw the promotional material for the event.

"I agreed many months ago to attend a church-organised event but just today I've seen promotional material for it which contains things I'm deeply concerned and saddened by. As a result, I have withdrawn from the event," the MP said in a tweet last Thursday.

The website for the conference reportedly warned that "assaults on orthodox Christian teaching, and morality, especially in the area of sexuality, seem to have increased at an alarming rate."

"The leadership from those in authority in the denominations who should be the guardians of Biblical truth has been muted to say the least and even in Bible-teaching churches many appear to be wavering under the onslaught of the gay lobby," the description for the conference read, according to Premier.

The statement on the website also noted that Christians are increasingly afraid of "standing up and speaking out" about their faith.

Premier reported that the description appeared in the welcome section of the conference's website. The statement no longer appears on the website, and a new page has since been created, announcing that Farron has withdrawn from the event.

Flyers promoting the event had also reportedly criticized the "increasing problems associated with immigration."

A spokesperson for the LGBT+ Liberal Democrats expressed disappointment over Farron's initial decision to appear in the event, saying he allowed his "judgment to lapse" in agreeing to serve as a speaker.

Following the news of his withdrawal, the group called on Farron to issue an apology "for lack of care," Pink News reported.

Farron had resigned as the leader of the U.K.'s Liberal Democrat party last year, citing conflicts between his position as a political leader and his Christian views.

The Christian politician had repeatedly avoided answering questions about his beliefs on homosexuality. The former Lib Dem leader had stressed that he supported same-sex marriage and LGBT rights, but he would not explicitly state whether or not gay sex is a sin.

Shortly before the 2017 General Elections, he stated that he does not consider homosexuality a sin.

In January, he said that he regrets saying gay sex is not a sin, claiming that he has been under pressure to respond to questions that "frankly was not right."

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