What Additional Services Do You Expect from Your Moving Company?


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You will be forgiven for imagining that moving companies only offer services that have to do with shipping household goods or equipment for a business enterprise from one place to another. Moving is a strenuous exercise. Moving house is probably more so.

The moving process has other aspects that are not to be ignored:

  • The psychological aspect
  • Organizational issues
  • Practical preparations

All of these factors work together to create a mammoth headache for the one that is moving. Sometimes you may need storage space if you are moving to a smaller house. This brings us to the other services that you can access from a moving company. There are accessorial services that can give you a much less stressful moving experience. However, these services may come with additional costs.

Every company comes up with its own list of accessorial services as well as their rates. Therefore, when shopping around for a moving company or when you visit their website, those are some of the issues you will need to look into and compare.

Some services that may appeal to you include:

  • Packing and Packaging

You might want to pack for yourself if you have the time to spare, or you may prefer the more experienced and definitely faster staff of the moving company to do it. They have the expertise to park fast, safely and wrap and pad the necessary items with practiced care. It would also save you the effort and energy that packing involves and the movers are liable for any damages they may unwittingly cause in the process. The charges for this service are based on:

  • The times it takes to pack your belongings.
  • The type of belongings.
  • The complexity of the job.

There will be charges for this extra service depending on how long it took the movers to pack your stuff, the type as well as amount of packing materials used. If you have anything that cannot fit into the standard packing boxes, they can provide alternative packing. They will also offer unpacking services if you request them - at a fee, of course.

  • Movement and Handling of Bulky Items

If you have items like pianos, pool tables, safes, hot tubs and other exceedingly heavy items, you will be expected to pay extra to move them. Such items are very difficult to move as well as pack, and they also add to the weight and therefore attract higher moving costs.

  • Moving Items up the Stairs

This attracts an elevator fee or flight charge. The charges are dependent on the number of stairs they will climb up or the time wasted while waiting for the elevator.

  • Shuttle Services

Your home may not be accessible to the moving trucks due to narrow streets or roads, or inadequate bridges. In that case, smaller vehicles will be expected to come in. The charges will be based on the size of your move, the specifics of your location, and how many trips the smaller vehicles made.

If you are looking for movers that offer some of these extra services and more, you could search for those near you and visit their website to see more of what they offer and what their charges are, as well as what those who have used their services have to say about them.

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