Xbox Two release date and specs rumors: Next generation console to be launched at E3?

Promotional image of the Xbox One | Microsoft/Xbox

Microsoft has been a subject of several rumors and speculations all over the Internet with regard to the development and release of the highly anticipated Xbox Two. The next generation gaming console, which is also dubbed as Scorpio, has been making a lot of noise lately especially that Xbox One is involved in compelling deals in the market today.

According to reports, the current generation gaming console is being sold at $299. It has made consumers happy and at the same time signals the arrival of a new product.

PC Mag reported that the promotional deals will only last for a few days so players are advised to get some while it is still available at a very low price.

The console is also available as a bundle with a set of game titles including the popular Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. The set is being paired by Microsoft with 500GB of storage room, which is pretty amazing for only $299. However, for gamers who would like to get the best deal available, they should go for the 1 TB bundle the company is offering for only $319. Those who decide to get the 1 TB bundle also has the chance to choose their own game to pair it with.

There have been many reports regarding Microsoft's plan of releasing a new console; however, tech observers suggest that it may not be released until 2017. Nonetheless, there are those who have reasons to believe that the company will provide solid details about the device at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3, which is scheduled to happen in the middle of June at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

According to reports, the new Xbox Two or Xbox Scorpio will be packed with much improve specifications, while maintaining its actual designs and existing features.

As of now, Microsoft has yet to provide specific details with regard to its development and release date.