Anne Graham Lotz hoping to spark global revival with Bible reading campaign

Anne Graham Lotz called on believers from all over the world to join the reading of God's Word in the hope of starting a global revival.

The daughter of evangelist Billy Graham encouraged Christians to take part in "8-8-8 God Speaking," a global Bible reading activity, that will start on Aug. 1 and end on Aug. 8.

Photo showing Anne Graham Lotz | Wikimedia Commons/AnGeL Ministries

The event is expected to be participated in by hundreds of thousands of Christians from different nations.

Those who will join will listen to a total of eight hours of Scripture. Each day, an hour of Scripture will be read, and it will be available in more than 900 languages.

People who will participate will listen to the same passages every day no matter where they are located. Some radio stations will broadcast the Scripture reading.

Lotz said the event is hoped to ignite revival, which she describes in an online message as "an outpouring of God's Spirit, where God's people wake up."

"In these days of chaos and confusion, hopelessness and helplessness, what would happen if everyone hit life's pause button and made time to listen to what God has to say?" Lotz asked. "Let's find out."

Pockets of revival are already happening in different parts of the world. In the U.S., for example, a tent meeting revival that started in May and was supposed to last for just a week has stretched throughout the summer.

The meetings were first held at New Hope Baptist Church in Burlington, North Carolina until the sanctuary could no longer hold the crowd. They transferred the meetings to a vacant lot where a giant tent was set up.

Evangelist C.T. Townsend led most of the meetings. The Burlington revival has seen many people saved and healed.

Lotz said the kind of revival she envisions is not just a tent meeting but something bigger. She described the story of King Josiah in 2 Chronicles, in which he read the Scriptures before the people and they experienced revival.

She also shared the biblical account of Ezra the scribe reading the Scriptures and the people being revived by the truth of God's Word, as described in the book of Nehemiah.

Those who want to participate can sign up online at the God Speaking website, at Bible.is or at YouVersion.