Christian school in California investigating possible teacher sexual misconduct; parents informed after seven months into investigation

The Capital Christian School in Sacramento has been conducting an investigation on what could possibly be an inappropriate physical contact between a teacher and student, but parents are apparently upset that they were informed only after seven months since the investigation started.

Capital Christian School [Screenshot taken from "Capital Christian Sexual Misconduct Investigation" video] | Fox 40

"We took steps early on to take care of the issue from our employment stand point," said school superintendent Todd Jacobs in an interview with Fox40. "The individual was placed on leave. They were allegations. They still are allegations at this point. What we needed to do was comply with law enforcement and we didn't want to impede on the investigation or complicate that. We've been following their lead."

In a letter to parents on May 2, the school explained that an investigation is being conducted regarding an alleged sexual misconduct of a teacher toward a student. The incident happened in October last year in the school's early education program.

Upon receiving the letter, an aunt of an early education student was upset that it took the school seven months before the parents were informed, while a parent said that the reason why it took so long is probably because the school wanted to confirm if it really happened.

According to ABC 10, because of the sensitivity of the issue, the school does not want to divulge information about the teacher or the child. They want to protect those involved and their families. The teacher in question has already resigned after being put on leave and after being questioned.

The investigators, meanwhile, are assuring parents that they should not be worried.

"Multiple forensic exams have been performed as well as many interviews with staff members," Lt. Tim Curran with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department said, as quoted by Fox 40. "As far as we've been able to determine, no crime has been committed."

While there are some who are speculating that the school has tried to cover it up, the investigators said that there no cover-up involved.

The school is now making sure that there is more than one teacher in a classroom at all times. This ensures that the kids are not left alone with just one adult for any given time. They are also looking into the current school policies, and are reportedly going to have abuse risk experts evaluate them.