'Pray For America' campaign commences; 'Repentance, forgiveness, seeking God' prayers to run for 40 days

The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) launches on Monday a "Pray For America" campaign that will run for 40 days.

Reports said the network is enjoining its partners and viewers to pray for the country. The focus of the campaign is on "repentance, forgiveness, seeking God, unity, protection and blessing for the entire U.S."

PledgeToPray hashtag | Facebook/700Club

Pat Robertson, CBN founder and chairman stated: "Together, we can change America. An individual who prays and humbles himself before God can change the course of a nation... It is time to wake up and recognize the power God has placed in our hands, and give our all to the purposes of God."

The network's CEO, Gordon Robertson, said the campaign aims to "ignite a national chorus of prayer." It is said to be a crusade of millions of people crying out to God with one voice across the 50 states.

The campaign starts on Sept. 5 and ends on Oct. 14. CBN's leading program, The 700 Club, will regularly show a daily prayer for the nation. Local and international CBN staff will be praying for the country, every hour on the hour, all throughout the prayer campaign.

A prayer map is also featured on the website and visitors can check the progress of the campaign.

To join and pledge to pray for America, people can visit PrayforAmerica.com. Those who sign up will receive a free prayer pack that features a prayer guide, door hanger, postcard and a "PRAY" bumper sticker.

Supporters are encouraged to spread the word on social media with these hashtags: #50IN40 #PledgetoPray #PledgeYourProfile.

Robertson said, "Ultimately, our greatest need is not the election of any individual politician to save us, but for us to put our real Savior, Jesus Christ, at the center of our national life again. We need a revival in America."