April the giraffe update: When will April give birth?

Featured in the image are the giraffes April and Oliver | Facebook/AnimalAdventurePark

The zookeepers of Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York are closely monitoring April the giraffe so that they can estimate when the giraffe will give birth, and they seem to think that her fourth calf will arrive soon.

April was very quiet on the morning of March 26, although the keeper said that it may be the "calm before the storm," as posted on the zoo's Facebook page. In another post, the keeper also noted that there is "significant mammary change," with April producing milk at times.

The pregnancy of giraffes lasts for 15 months. The calf is expected to weigh around 150 lbs. at birth and approximately 6 ft. tall. While this will be April's fourth, it is Oliver's first. According to the zoo's staff, they will hold a baby naming contest once the calf is out.

One worry is that April may become territorial after she gives birth — a concern raised by one of her zookeepers on the video. However, she also noted that the giraffe has accepted them as part of the herd.

Video streaming of April the giraffe began on Feb. 23. The video was initially taken down after animal rights activists called it "sexually explicit." However, this has since been restored. Since the video was put on air, April has developed a following, with viewers following the live stream to see if they can catch the exact moment when the calf will be born.

Several false alarms have taken place in the past few days, with her fans falsely assuming that she is already undergoing labor. The zookeepers have yet to determine when the exact birth date will be. Meanwhile, the caretakers are determining whether to clear the yard, which was covered in snow, to give the giraffes more leg room and to enjoy being outdoors after being cooped in for winter.

The live streaming of April can be viewed on YouTube. Alternatively, fans may follow the zoo's Facebook page or the website dedicated to the giraffe.