Erin Andrews cancer news: How the Fox NFL sportscaster survived cervical cancer

Photo taken from the official Facebook page of Erin Andrews | Facebook/ErinAndrewsOfficial

Erin Andrews battled with cervical cancer and survived only months after she had a civil trial against a stalker who filmed her in her hotel room.

The NFL sideline sportscaster went to a civil trial against stalker Michael David Barret when he followed Andrews to Nashville Marriott back in 2008. The trial ended in 2010, sentencing Barrett 30 months in prison, holding managing companies — West End Hotel Partners and Windsor Capital Group — liable, and awarding Andrews with $55 million in damages.

Emily Kaplan of Sports Illustrated approached Andrews last May because she knew that the NFL sportscaster had a story to tell about how she championed against the violation of her privacy.

But when Kaplan met with Andrews this January to talk about her story for MMQB, the latter revealed that she just recently went through a battle with cervical cancer.

Andrews had a routine check up last June, and a few months later, after a series of follow-up tests, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and needed to undergo an operation.

The sportscaster chose to keep her diagnosis among family and friends and continued working on the week of her surgery, which was scheduled on a Tuesday.

Andrews covered a game on Sunday, but a day before her surgery, she excused herself from "Dancing with the Stars" tapings, saying that she needed to support her fiancé, Jarret Stoll, who then had a death in their family. It was partly true, but Andrews mainly prepped for her upcoming operation.

Even during her operation and recovery, Andrews was tuned in to the Super Bowl and refused to miss a game. By Thursday, Andrews was on her way to Los Angeles to film a feature with the Green Bay Packers' wideout Jordy Nelson the following day.

Andrews admitted that surging through tiring work conditions was not recommended by the doctors. "But just as I felt during my trial, sports were my escape. I needed to be with my crew," the sportscaster explained.

After another procedure last November, the oncologist called Andrews a few weeks after that the cancer had been taken care of. Andrews will no longer need to undergo radiation or chemotherapy, and she will be able to return to her normal life of sidelining in the NFL and hosting "Dancing with the Stars."