'For Honor' guide, tips & tricks: Battles for beginners

A screenshot from the cinematic trailer of "For Honor." | Youtube/Ubisoft US

Ubisoft's new medieval fighting game "For Honor" is now available.

With the game's launch, reviews for "For Honor" have also started to hit the web. According to GameSpot, the game's full version is revealed to have a number of issues, which have not been addressed in the game's open beta version.

While reviews are still coming in and while most gamers are waiting for a final verdict from critics, there are those who are wondering what the game is all about and how they can play it.

The story mode of "For Honor" is divided into three parts: "Chapter 1: Knights," "Chapter 2: Vikings," and "Chapter 3: Samurai."

"Chapter 1" is a story of a warden who wants to be a part of Blackstone Legion but instead finds out that they are not fighting for peace. In "Chapter 2," gamers get to play as a Raider from the Viking clan who fights for the great raid on the samurai's imperial land. In "Chapter 3," players fill the role of Orochi, a samurai who is on a mission to unite the clan and finally defeat the enemy who is the cause of war.

The chapters have sub-parts that teach players about the game controls and battle statistics, which can be applied later when playing a multiplayer or quick match.

Gamers can also choose the difficulty level in the chapter itself. The first one is usually an introductory kind of mission that teaches players the controls. Each level also offers the in-game currency that can be used later on for upgrades.

During battles, beginners are advised to block or guard in order to refill stamina. To knock out an enemy with low stamina, the "Throw" technique can be used. Completing a successful Execution will heal gamers. When a player's revenge meter is full, it can be utilized by hitting Y for high damage. Dodging attacks costs stamina. Hence, gamers are advised to use the move only when required or to move back in order to regain some.

"For Honor" is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Windows PC.