'Girl Meets World' season 3 spoilers news: Release date set for June 27, Riley-Lucas-Maya love triangle to continue?

The third season of Disney's hit family-friendly sitcom "Girl Meets World" is slated to return to the small screen this coming June 27, and fans are excited to see more of Riley and her friends as they enter a completely different environment which is high school.


As an early present to the anticipating fans of the show, Disney already released a promo clip for the season 3 premiere episode. The video features the teens as they try to adjust to the new environment they are moving in. Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard), Maya Hart (Sabrina Carpenter) and Lucas Friar (Peyton Meyer) are seen to be hesitant in mingling with others since it's their first day there.

Riley and Maya's friendship has survived through so many ups and downs, but how will high school change them? They have been best friends for a long time, and in the clip, they are seen holding hands and promising each other that they will keep close no matter what. However, before they can even finish what they were saying, a stream of students entered the hallway and separated them. Does this mean that high school will tear them apart? It is too soon to tell, but their friendship will definitely be tested specially now that they will be exposed to a lot more young people which could easily influence them.

Meanwhile, Lucas and Riley share a scene where he states that she is too much for him. As fans know, Riley, Lucas and Miley have a so-called love triangle which hopefully gets resolved this upcoming season. Has he chosen Maya over Riley, or was it just a petty argument between them? Most of the fans want Riley and Lucas to be together, but they have to wait until season 3 to know how their friendship will play out. On another note, Shawn and Katy are also growing close to each other which makes the next season even more exciting to see.

Stay tuned for all-new episodes of "Girl Meets World" season 3 starting June 27 on Disney.