Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date, specs, news: Can the Surface Pro 5 be on par with Apple's MacBook Pro?

Featured in the image are units of the Microsoft Surface Pro | Wikimedia Commons/Raysonho

A new Microsoft Surface Pro device is expected to be launched this year with advanced features that could bring it to the level of Apple's MacBook Pro. One feature that was enhanced is mobile connectivity, which was an issue with the previous Surface Pro models.

Microsoft released the Surface Pro 4 back in October 2015, and the Surface Pro 5 will reportedly be introduced to the market this year. The release date hasn't been confirmed yet as Microsoft is still currently working on the Surface Pro 5.

New features of the Surface Pro 5 are still being kept under wraps, but Forbes presented several features that Microsoft could enhance which will bring the device to the MacBook Pro's level of performance.

Surface Pro 5 should enhance touch screen accuracy when using either fingers or the Surface Pen. It is also suggested that the device should be developed with a 4K UltraHD screen that will allow the users to enjoy countless video games and films in greater detail.

Another feature that would bring the Surface Pro 5 to the front line is adapting the USB-C port since Apple pioneered in using the new USB external port for almost all of its devices.

It is also expected to be equipped with Intel's Kaby Lake seventh-generation Core processors. These chips will bring great graphics, speed, and battery life to the device. This will also give them one point over Apple's MacBook Pro because they still use the earlier generation of Intel processors.

Meanwhile, one feature that Microsoft is keen on developing is the Surface Pro 5's ability to connect with mobile devices. This feature will address the issue that the previous Surface Pro models had with tethering and hot-spot connectivity.

This will ensure that the user can always stay connected to the Internet or to its other devices with the Surface Pro 5 according to Express.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is expected to be launched by the end of 2017.