'Moto X' 2016 release date news: Will be renamed as 'Moto Z?' Launching expected on June 9

Photo: Motorola

The latest reports regarding the much-anticipated launch of the new Moto X models this year hint on possible changes in the Lenovo-owned smartphone line. If the rumors are correct, the new batch of Moto X smartphones expected to be released next month is going to be renamed as "Moto Z."

It was reported by the Venture Beat that the Lenovo-owned mobile company, Motorola, is already gearing up for the possible launching of the new Moto X model on June 9. This is contrary to earlier reports that the new Moto X smartphones will be released in the later months of 2016, or possibly even next year.

The arrival of the new Moto X model will also bring upon a couple of changes in the smartphone line. According to Gotta Be Mobile, the Moto X 2016 will be repackaged as Moto Z. From its expected launching next month, the new Moto Z model will start a new line of high standard but affordable smartphones distributed by Lenovo. Also, the new name will not be the only change that the tech users must take note of. It was reported that the Moto X 2016 or Moto Z will be released in two variants. The first variant will be the base model or the cheaper design while the other design will sport much-improved specs and a quite heavier price tag.

Motorola is said to unveil the new Moto Z variants next month with the codenames Vertex and Vector. Vertex is the 5.5-inch base model that will introduce new features that are not present in the previous Moto X units. On the other hand, the other Moto Z variant called Vector or Vector Thin will be the premium smartphone, boasting superior specs features over the base model but still sporting the same 5.5-inch design. Vertex will be known as Moto Z Play while Vector Thin will be called Moto Z Style.

One of the variants of Moto Z is reported to have satisfying features such as 1080p HD display, Snapdragon 625 octacore chipset, and 2 GB worth of RAM.