PlayStation Plus December 2016 free games update, rumors: 'Gravity Rush 2,' 'Wolfenstein: The New Order;' 'The Walking Dead' game to be included?

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The time is almost up for the PlayStation Plus subscribers who are still enjoying the lineup of free games for the month of November. As the new month sets in, a new list of exciting free game titles will be unveiled, although Sony PlayStation has yet to reveal the official list as of the meantime. Nevertheless, the latest predictions and rumors for the next month's lineup look satisfying for the gamers.

According to the latest rumors, Bethesda's "Wolfenstein: New Order" is the top candidate to be included in the month of December's free games list. Many gaming fans believe that the game studio might finally give "Wolfenstein" as a free game this December via Sony's PlayStation Plus subscription. Many players compare "Wolfenstein: New Order" to other first person shooter game titles such as the "Call of Duty" and "Titanfall" game series.

Many gamers would be delighted if the game actually made it to the cut, as "Wolfenstein" comes from Bethesda's roster of huge and successful game titles such as "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" and "Fallout 4."

Another likely game title in December's free games list is "Gravity Rush 2." The speculations are rife that the demo gameplay of "Gravity Rush 2" will make it to the list next month. As of now, the game itself is not yet available in all parts of the globe as "Gravity Rush 2" was only released in some Asian countries. However, Sony may include the game's remastered edition  in the PlayStation Plus lineup for December.

Lastly, the rumors about Telltale Games' "The Walking Dead: Season 3" video game being released soon led the gamers to believe that a "TWD" game title will be featured in PlayStation Plus next month. Particularly, "The Walking Dead: Michonne" is expected to be in the lineup of free games this December to further excite the fans for the upcoming game.

Still, the public is advised to wait for Sony's official announcement in the coming days. For now, the PS Plus subscribers can enjoy the scheduled free games until Nov.  30, like "Everybody's Gone to Rapture" and "The Deadly Tower of Monsters" for PlayStation 4 and "Dirt 3" and "Costume Quest 2" for PlayStation 3.