'Pokemon GO' news, update: Legendary Birds, Shinies and more expected to arrive

A man uses a mobile phone in front of an advertisement board bearing the image of "Pokémon GO" at an electronic shop in Tokyo, Japan, July 27, 2016. | Reuters/Kim Kyung-Hoon

Niantic Labs has a lot planned for "Pokémon GO" despite its silence about the hit augmented-reality game's future. Either way, there are tons of details that have popped up about what the developer has in store.

For a start, every "Pokémon GO" player has been waiting for the Generation 2 (Gen 2) update to drop on the game and bless the AR world with a hundred new Pokémon.

Niantic is not expected to drop them all at once. Instead, they will be released gradually in the coming months. The company's first effort to do so came last Christmas, where it held an event that brought eggs that hatch some Gen 2 Pokémon.

However, Forbes believes that it will be much better for Niantic to release the Gen 2 Pokémon for "Pokémon GO" into the wild in one go rather than release a group of five a week.

Apart from a new wave of pocket monsters, "Pokémon GO" is also expected to see the arrival of the legendary birds, which also serve as the symbols of the three teams in the game.

There is massive expectation these Pokémon will be part of the game soon. Forbes expects that it will involve some extensive quest in order to get one of these coveted creatures.

Shiny Pokémon are also hoped to make an appearance in "Pokémon GO" in the future. This should keep fans tireless in catching Pokemon and interested in some other creatures they never thought they would go for.

Last but not the least, "Pokémon GO" players are surely looking forward to the time Mew and Mewtwo finally make it to the game. These two have been requested by fans for a while now.

When all this will happen remains to be seen, but with 2017 just beginning, there is a lot of expectation for "Pokémon GO" to grow and expand to keep players interested in catching, training and battling Pokémon.