'Supernatural' season 12 spoilers, plot news: Castiel is back, returns to his roots

Misha Collins finally offered details on the fate of his character Castiel in "Supernatural" season 12 after what Lady Toni Bevell (Elizabeth Blackmore) did to her in the season 11 finale.

In her attempt to take Sam (Jared Padalecki), the member of the Men of Letters banished Castiel somewhere unknown. No one knows where he went, but Collins gave a hint.

Misha Collins as Castiel in "Supernatural" | The CW/Katie Yu

Recalling the time he was asked what he'd like to see in his character, Collins told Nerdist, "I would love to have him go back to his badass, warrior quality from seasons 4 and 5."

He added that it does not go his way at all when he makes these predictions so he did not hold out much hope about that ever happening. However, he feels like "Supernatural" season 12 is doing just that.

"As this season is unfolding, it feels like that is what's happening. Cas has got his mojo back. Finally. I'm so excited about that. I'm excited to see it unfold. I have a feeling that the fans won't be disappointed," he promised.

He added that "Supernatural" season 12 will go back to the show's roots and will feel like the show's initial seasons. But this blast from the past will also apply to Castiel.

This is why when the new season of the series returns, Castiel will be as cool as many fans know him to be. This also confirms that wherever Toni brought her, he'll pull through.

Filming for "Supernatural" season 12 has begun. Sam's (Jensen Ackles) baby also known as his beloved Impala will be featured in the upcoming season as suggested by a photo shared by the actor on Instagram.

In a behind-the-scenes video released on the show's official Facebook account, the Impala once again makes an appearance as well as Collins and Ackles.