Xbox Project Scorpio release date, news, price rumors: Upcoming Xbox console predicted to be around $800; impressive specs teased

The new Xbox One S 2TB featuring a 40 percent smaller design and 4K Ultra HD. | Microsoft Store

The highly anticipated Xbox One version from Microsoft, known as Project Scorpio, is expected to be released in the coming months. The Project Scorpio is expected to boast several improvements over the current Xbox console, one of them being the first console from the company to support full 4K gaming. The gamers have been patiently waiting to experience the Xbox Project Scorpio, although they may have to be ready to shed a huge amount of money for it.

According to a report from iTech Post, the predicted price tag for the Xbox Project Scorpio is quite high. Specifically, the Xbox Project Scorpio is expected to be priced at $800, which is more expensive compared to the current top-tier home console versions in the market. However, while the Project Scorpio may not be affordable to an average Xbox or PlayStation user, its expected features are top of the line. In fact, the competition of the Project Scorpio is not only Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro, but also the modern high-end gaming PCs.

To note, the gaming desktop PCs can be as expensive as $2,000, making the Xbox Project Scorpio's $800 more reasonable in this case.

Going back to the Project Scorpio being a high-end home console, Mobipicker reported that the Xbox Project Scorpio will be five times more powerful that the current Xbox One version. Furthermore, the Xbox Project Scorpio will be able to render visual details at 60 Hz and result in a smoother gaming experience with very minimal lagging on TV screen.

As per Tech Radar, the Xbox Scorpio does not have its own virtual reality headset yet, just like the PlayStation VR for Sony's PlayStation 4 console. However, Microsoft may create the Xbox Scorpio to be compatible with other existing VR headsets such as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

So far, Microsoft has not yet released official details regarding the Project Scorpio's price or additional features.