Potter's House gives Christian women a 'taste of yoga'

Serita Jakes, wife of popular televangelist Bishop T.D. Jakes, has reignited debate over the practice of yoga among Christians after she shared a series of photos showing members of a women's group at The Potter's House of Dallas enjoying a "taste of yoga" as a part of a healthy living endeavor.Read More


Bethel worship leader flees California fires with family

Just months after Bethel Worship Leader Joel Taylor and his family faced the scare of almost losing their children to a deadly disease, the worship pastor was forced to evacuate his home in Northern California as the nearby area is presently besieged by a giant wildfire.Read More


Christian mayoral candidate hands out cash to churchgoers

Willie Wilson, a popular Christian philanthropist and mayoral candidate in Chicago, insisted Sunday that he wasn't trying to buy votes when he doled out what his camp says was about $300,000 in cash and checks to churchgoers at New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church.Read More

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