Combat Stress with Art Therapy – A Brief Guide

(Unsplash/Anna Kolosyuk)

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Stress is an integral part of life. The competition in both personal and professional life has increased so drastically that it is hard for anyone to be stress-free today. Most people handle stress in the wrong way. They land up becoming addicted to smoking and alcohol. For them, substance addiction helps them to forget reality and go away from the stress that haunts them all the time. Experts in the field of healthcare say smoking and alcohol does more harm than good. There are holistic methods via which you can combat stress, and art therapy is one such technique that helps you overcome stress and lead a better life.

How does art therapy help you to overcome stress?

Art therapy is a form of therapy that helps you to expose the creative side of your nature. It generally embraces drawing skills for you to combat stress. When you are creative, you get connected to your inner self and true feelings. This helps you to express yourself properly. If you go back to the days when you were a child, you were very creative with art. You used to pick up a paintbrush, pencil or crayon to draw something from your imagination. However, as you grew up into an adult, you lost touch with your creative self. Expressions became dormant, and you generally do not know how you really feel when an adverse circumstance or a situation in life hits you. This is where art therapy helps you. It opens the doors of expression again, and you get connected to your true self and feelings.

Esteemed names in the field of art therapy like http://macfineart.com/art-therapy/ deal with classes both for kids and adults. Everyone can benefit from art therapy. There have been reports that individuals that attend art therapy classes have managed to reduce the stress hormone cortisol in the system. They are happy and contented with life. The best part of art therapy is it is an ideal distraction from the pressures and the challenges in life. Experts in the field say when you are creating something new, it is hard for you to ponder on your problems. You are able to discover a new side of you that may have been lying dormant for years. When you are creating something new, you become clutter free in your mind. Your problems take a back seat, and you can focus better on resolving adverse situations that you face in life.

Art therapy is an excellent form of self-care you can gift yourself. When you are focusing on caring for yourself, you will ignore external sources that bother and cause you intense stress. Small problems are solved faster, and they do not escalate into bigger issues. In, short, you can improve your life. You can eliminate stress and establish improved personal and professional relationships. In short, you can overcome stress and lead a better and fitter life both mentally and physically. There is no age limit to start art therapy- the sooner, the better, experts say!

Source - http://macfineart.com/art-therapy/