'American Horror Story' Season 6 spoilers, cast news: Is Bradley Cooper joining the cast? New theme to involve children

Photo from the official Facebook page of "American Horror Story." | Facebook/americanhorrorstory

The recent rumors regarding the upcoming sixth season of FX's horror anthology "American Horror Story" suggest that a popular Hollywood actor is set to take on a major role in the series. While it has been confirmed that the international pop superstar Lady Gaga has been tagged as the main player of the TV show since her debut in Season 5, there are reports that the series will include more actors to its cast, plus a new theme for the new season has reportedly been decided.

According to a report from the Yibada news website, the "American Sniper" star Bradley Cooper is rumored to have a major role in the upcoming "American Horror Story" chapter. While the actor's camp or the production staff of "American Horror Story" has not yet shared any details that would confirm or deny the report, the speculations that the A-list Hollywood actor will be joining the cast started when Cooper was seen having dinner with Lady gaga in an exclusive restaurant in Los Angeles, California,

Cooper and Lady Gaga have no prior TV or movie projects that anyone has ever known, neither does the actor is romantically linked with the "Poker Face" singer as the latter is already engaged to actor Taylor Kinney. Also, Cooper is also dating supermodel Irina Shake. Ultimately, people believe that the two are currently working on a project.

Since they were seen together in public, it has been presumed that Cooper and Lady Gaga are working on a TV or movie project together, although it is more likely that this project is none other than "American Horror Story" Season 6, Us Magazine reported.

Cooper previously had an experience in the suspense and horror genre as he starred in a psychological horror film called "My Little Eye" back in 2002. Also, if ever the actor is indeed joining the "AHS" Season 6 cast, this will mark his return to television after he was known to star in HBO's "Sex and the City" in 1999.

Meanwhile, the same report from Yibada hints on the possible theme for the sixth season of "AHS," which has something to do with children. It is likely that the upcoming season will focus on an orphanage where the children are mostly involved.