Animation studio launches project to create CGI adaptation of 'The Pilgrim's Progress'

A screen capture of a promotional clip of the "The Pilgrim's Progress" animation project. | YouTube/Sam Bhatt

An animation studio is embarking on a project to create the first feature-length CGI adaptation of John Bunyan's "The Pilgrim's Progress."

Next only to the Bible, "The Pilgrim's Progress" has been considered by many as the second-most important book in history. The book has never been out of print, and it has been translated into over 200 languages, Christian News Wire reported.

A live-action movie adaptation of the famous Christian allegory has launched the acting career of Liam Neeson, who played the role of the Evangelist in the 1978 version of the film.

Cat in the Mill, a company based in Dallas, Texas, has set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the production of the animated film.

Steve and Debra Cleary, the owners of the studio, has traveled across the globe and saw that the film has a wide international appeal.

"We have already received significant interest in distributing the film throughout The America's, Europe, Asia and even the Middle East. Translation partners are currently being acquired so we can begin dubbing as soon as the film is complete," Steve said.

Robert Fernandez, an award-winning writer and director who has shared an affinity with the story since childhood, has signed on to direct the film.

"This is probably the most important script I have ever written. We wanted to hold true to John Bunyan's work while creating a story that would be visually impacting and appeal to today's movie-goers," said Fernandez.

The studio's Kickstarter page is currently raising $45,000 to fund the first scene of the film. Backers of the crowdfunding campaign will be rewarded with unique items ranging from typical DVDs and t-shirts to replicas of the swords used in the film. Some will have the opportunity to visit the studio in San Jose, Costa Rica and become an actual animator of the film.

The movie is scheduled to be released in 2018, with the script, character development and voiceovers nearly complete. The CGI film will be offered for free to the international missions community as an evangelism material. The studio has already received commitments to fund the translations of the film into at least 20 languages for the mission field.