Another UFO spotted on NASA live feed?

(SecureTeam10)Screenshot taken from SecureTeam10's "Feed CUT As Horseshoe UFO Appears On ISS Live Cam! 4/18/16" video.

The National Aeronautic Space Agency has been taking live footages from the International Space Station, but the feed was cut for an hour this week, just as the camera was showing what seems to be horseshoe-shaped UFO. Conspiracy theorists are now thinking that cutting the feed was a deliberate attempt by NASA to hide from the general public evidence of alien life.

The unidentified flying object in question was first noticed by Scott Waring of UFO Sighting Daily. The object was glowing blue right on horizon of Earth as seen from the space station. Tyler Glockner, an alien hunter from Secure Team 10, posted a video and commentary on YouTube, alleging that this is not the first incident wherein the agency has tried to conceal proof of extraterrestrials.

The 7-minute video shows the object as it appears to be turning or changing position. The feed was then cut for about an hour, showing nothing but blue screen.

"Directly after it appears, NASA cuts the feed," Glockner said. "And they've done this, they've been doing this ... they monitor these feeds and sometimes, they're not quick enough when these UFOs appear ... usually, usually, the only time the feed often gets cut is, oddly, when these UFOs appear."

The feed, when it came back, no longer showed the blue object although there was a luminiscent one out in space. Glockner surmises that this could be the same one that was nearer to Earth an hour before.

"I don't think it helps NASA at all when they cut the feed like this," Glockner said. "It actually is more damaging and proves that they are covering things up and, I mean, if this was just a lens flare, they certainly wouldn't cut the feed as quickly as they did."

However, NASA has categorically denied shutting off the feed on purpose.

"The station regularly passes out of range of the Tracking and Relay Data Satellites used to send and receive video, voice and telemetry from the station," explained Tabatha Thompson, a NASA spokesperson, to ValueWalk. "For video, whenever we lose signal video comes down on our higher bandwidth, called KU. The cameras will show a blue screen indicating no signal or a preset video slate, depending on where you are watching the feed."

Another NASA spokesperson, as reported by Express, explained that lights from Earth or reflections from the space station windows or its body could come out in still images and videos as some kind of artefact.

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