Apple iOS 9.3–9.3.1 jailbreak release date rumors: Software to be ready next month

Apple is now working round the clock for the development of the iOS 9.3.2 and the landmark iOS 10 software is just around the corner too, but the jailbreak fans still await a jailbreak tool for earlier versions such as the iOS 9.3 and the iOS 9.3.1.

If recent reports are to be believed, fans won't have to wait that long because an iOS 9.3 or iOS 9.3.1 jailbreak tool is expected to be released by next month.

The Apple logo is seen in the lobby of New York City's flagship Apple store January 18, 2011. | Reuters/Mike Segar

The latest buzz is that the iOS 9.3 or iOS 9.3.1 jailbreak will be launched before the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2016, which is scheduled on June 13 to 17.

Media publications believe that hacking teams will wait for the iOS 9.3.2 release, which will happen soon enough. The fourth beta for it has just been released. By next week, the software's final form should be ready.

Hackers have been particularly mum about a new jailbreak release, but users expect that at least an iOS 9.3 or iOS 9.3.1 jailbreak tool will soon be available. Reports have been consistent about this very software turning up next month.

Up to this time, hacking team Pangu only managed to release an iOS 9.1 jailbreak tool, which only a small segment of the jailbreaking community — the ones who stuck with the older firmware — got to exploit.

The absence of new jailbreak tools seems to worry many, seeing that Apple is doubling its security measures after every software release.

However, it is believed that it's not about the software getting more impenetrable every new release. Hackers are simply waiting for the right timing to release the jailbreak tool.

Apple usually releases an update for its base software. The iOS 9.3, which turned out to be quite buggy, immediately got a follow up in the form of the iOS 9.3.1, which cleansed the firmware.

With a better version of the software, it will be easier for hacking groups like Pangu and TaiG to get around the software. If they went for it too early and did the iOS 9.3 jailbreak immediately, the iOS 9.3.1 would have rendered their work useless.