Apple Watch 2 release date rumors and news: Recent discount of Apple Watch indicates the arrival of new iteration?

The Apple Watch by Apple | Apple

Apple Watch 2 has continued to be a favorite subject of rumors and speculations all over the internet for quite some time now. According to the latest reports, the original iteration has been spotted online sold at a discount, which is a good indication that a new model is arriving anytime soon.

A recent offering by Best Buy shows the first Apple Watch model being sold with a discount of up to $200. According to reports, the 38 mm variation of the tech watch starts from $349, while the 42mm version starts at a little under $400. However, this isn't the first time that the Apple Watch received discounts. Since early 2016, consumers have been enjoying great deals regarding the Apple smart watch.

Apple has also cut the price of the tech watch by $50 in March. The original price tag of the original Apple Watch starts at $349 and after the discount, the price drops to $299. This sparked rumors that the company will launch the next generation Apple Watch this year.

Consumers are also advised to grab their own Apple Watch now as the discount is said to be for a limited offer only. However, no reports yet coming from the company as to when the deal will end.

Meanwhile, 9to5Mac reported that Apple Watch 2 will feature an Amazon Echo-like Siri.

"The software development kit would allow developers to integrate apps with the voice assistant, and a Siri speaker would compete with Amazon's Alexa and the upcoming Google Home," the publication wrote. "Adding to the rumors, a new report suggests this product may not be available until sometime next year, but could feature cameras with facial recognition features that stand out from Amazon's and Google's products."

Despite Apple's continued silence with regard to the next Apple Watch 2, many fans are hopeful that the Cupertino based company will launch it anytime soon.