Carman Licciardello says he's discouraged by the delays of his upcoming tumor surgery

(YouTube/Carman Licciardello)Carman Licciardello appears in a screen capture of a video from his YouTube channel.

Popular Christian singer Carman Licciardello has said that he is discouraged by the repeated delays of his upcoming tumor surgery, and he is asking for prayers so that he can get back up on stage.

Licciardello had been in remission of cancer in the past few years, but he revealed that doctors recently found a tumor on his shoulder. His surgery that was scheduled for the last week of April has already been delayed twice, which prompted him to question God.

"Ok Lord, why did John Denver get Sunshine on his shoulder but I...get a tumor ? Anyone ever get that 'Why me Lord' feeling? They're now postponing surgery another day," he wrote in a recent Facebook post.

The 61-year-old singer said he is trying to stay confident, but he admitted that he is not optimistic partly because of the repeated delays.

Licciardello said that he has decided to name his upcoming album "Legacy" because he fears that it may be his last recording.

"It's just the timing lines up with the end of my remission cycle. I start thinking 'Maybe this is my last recording,'" the singer said. "I hope not, but just in case I decided to call this record "LEGACY". Maybe it's prophetic. I don't know," he added.

The singer revealed that he is not done with the recording yet, so he asked his followers to pray for "supernatural strength and unlimited faith" for him and the people he will minister to when he gets back up on stage.

"I promise you the devil will hate what I'm planning on doing. New souls will come into the kingdom," Licciardello assured his followers.

Licciardello first disclosed that he had been diagnosed with myeloma cancer on Feb. 14, 2013. He had been given only three to four years to live, but by early 2014, he testified that his medical tests indicated that he was free of cancer. He has been in remission with no trace of cancer in his body until the recent tumor scare.

The singer said that his life goal now is to "win souls," and he has announced that he is working on a new album in a studio in Nashville. He promised to provide new content as well as a few remakes of his older classic songs.

Apart from his battle with cancer, Licciardello had also suffered several heart attacks in recent years.

He was admitted to the hospital in 2016 after a concert because he was suffering from chronic chest pain, which was soon revealed as a heart attack. He also spent some time in the hospital on Memorial Day 2015 because of multiple heart attacks.

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