Carman Licciardello says tumor that was removed from his shoulder was benign

(YouTube/Carman Licciardello)Carman Licciardello appears in a screen capture of a video from his YouTube channel.

Popular Christian singer Carman Licciardello has declared that he is now cancer free after his biopsy results revealed that the tumor that was removed from his shoulder was benign.

Licciardello took to Facebook on Wednesday to share the good news about his health and tell his fans that he will now focus on working on his upcoming album.

"THE TUMOR IS BENIGN. I'M BACK!" the singer exclaimed. "Yes it was scary. Coming to the end of my estimated remission time, getting a tumor, needing surgery, the delays on the surgery day, waiting for the results. Lord, I think I got grey hair on my knuckles. But the results came back CANCER FREE," he added.

"So I've returned to focusing on this record campaign we got going on gofundme. I try to keep you informed along the way," the singer continued.

Following his surgery, the 61-year-old entertainer asked his fans to support a crowdfunding campaign for the release of his new album.

Licciardello is offering a VIP concert package, including a DVD set, his autograph, T-shirt and concert tickets, for fans who donate to his latest project.

Prior to the surgery, the singer said he decided to call the new album "Legacy" because he feared that the recording might be his "last" because the tumor was found at the end of his remission cycle.

In February 2013, Doctors diagnosed Licciardello with myeloma, a cancer of plasma cells. The doctors only gave him three to four years to live, but by early 2014, the singer declared that he was free of cancer. Since that time, he has been in remission with no trace of cancer in his body until the discovery of a tumor on his shoulder.

The singer declared that his life goal now is to "win souls," and he revealed that he has been working on his upcoming album that will include some new content as well as a few remakes of his older classic songs.

Apart from his battle with cancer, Licciardello had also suffered from a few heart problems in recent years. On Memorial Day 2015, the singer was admitted to a hospital due to multiple heart attacks.

In 2016, he was rushed to a hospital after a concert because of chronic chest pain, which was later diagnosed as a heart attack.

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