Preaching the Gospel in Cuba: Christian radio's signal boost spreads the gospel to Latin American nation

A Christian radio is able to reach Cuba and other places with the gospel through a boost in its signal.

(Pixabay)Photo showing radio transmitter

Cubans have been restricted from learning about God, and local bookstores have been restricted from selling Bibles for more than 50 years. However, in recent years, many Cubans have expressed hunger for and curiosity about Jesus and Christianity, leading to the growth of Christian churches.

The persecution of churches has also led to an explosive growth of house churches all over the country, according to a report from CBN News.

However, in spite of this new hunger, residents continue to face the challenge of a lack of Bibles and Christian resources, which are very hard to come by.

To address this challenge, Trans World Radio is getting a signal upgrade in order to reach more people in Cuba with the gospel and the word of God.

Trans World Radio is the "most far-reaching Christian radio network in the world" and particularly targets places where evangelism is prohibited. With 14 sites, it broadcasts on more than 2,700 stations. The broadcasts are available in more than 200 languages.

John Summerville, the network's director of radio station partnerships, said the network will upgrade its signal from 100,000 watts to 450,000 watts.

The $3.8 million upgrade will enable the network to reach places in Cuba where people have not yet heard the gospel. The broadcast will also be heard in the Caribbean, parts of Latin America and South America.

"There are so many places throughout the Caribbean who may have had the Gospel in the past, but have since turned away. And there are places that have yet to really hear the Gospel, and new generations have grown up just not hearing the Gospel," Summerville said, according to Mission News Network.

With many people in the country still frequently listening to local radio, the signal boost will allow God's Word to reach places that missionaries have not yet reached.

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