Clinton's pro-abortion stance is worse than Trump's border wall, says Rev. Samuel Rodriguez

Samuel Rodriguez in a screen capture from a video where he speaks at The Gathering 2016 | Youtube/Pastor Samuel Rodriguez

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez warned Hispanic Christians that they would be defying their religious beliefs if they support Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton due to her position on abortion.

During the final presidential debate, Clinton expressed her support for Roe v. Wade and defended her decision to vote against the federal Partial Birth Abortion Ban in 2003.

Rodriguez, the president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, said in an emailed statement that Clinton wants Christians to deny their pro-life values in asking for their support, The Christian Post reported.

"Latinos are pro-life. Latinos, whether they be Evangelical or Catholic, must never sacrifice truth on the altar of political expediency," said Rodriguez.

"By asking for our support, Sec. Clinton is asking us to sacrifice our most cherished values. She is asking us to defy our faith. She is asking us to sacrifice the sacred," he added.

The evangelist then compared Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's proposal to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border and Clinton's stance on abortion.

"Donald Trump speaks of building a wall but Hillary Clinton has already built one. The Democratic candidate's abortion stance ... serves as a greater wall than any rhetorical, hypothetical or physical wall," he stated.

In a column he wrote for Fox News in July, Rodriguez pointed out that 44 percent of Latinos voted for George W. Bush in 2004 and 27 percent voted for Mitt Romney in 2012 despite running on an anti-immigration platform.

He also noted that despite Trump's rhetoric against Hispanics, the candidate is only three to four points behind Romney's numbers in 2012.

The evangelist stated that Hispanics are deeply spiritual and value the sanctity of life. He asserted that the Democratic Party's backing of Planned Parenthood is one of the reasons that Christian Latinos do not support its platform.

In an interview with The Church Boys last May, Rodriguez rebuked politicians who are defending Planned Parenthood and called on Christians to withdraw their support from candidates who are known advocates of the abortion provider.