'Dark Souls 3 DLC' release date news update: Two DLCs apparently coming out; Release expected at upcoming E3

Gaming fans are eagerly awaiting the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), an event happening sometime this June, as major updates on favorite video games, including the highly anticipated "Dark Souls 3 DLC," are to be expected.

A screenshot of one of the game plays for "Dark Souls 3." | Dark Souls 3 Official Website

It has been reported that several months after the release of "Dark Souls 3," fans should be in anticipation of two downloadable contents (DLCs), and not one as previously announced. However, the names of both expansion packs are yet to be confirmed.

While there is no definite release date for both DLCs, the first of the two expansion packs is expected to be released in the fall, according to Christian Today. This has put to rest what the rumor mill has earlier spawned, that there would be three DLCs to hit the game stores.

Neurogadget has observed that the previous DLCs released by FromSoftware, "Dark Souls 3's" developer, received excellent reviews not only from gamers but also from critics. Hence, it's expecting that both "Dark Souls 3 DLC" would prove to be worthwhile downloads.

The publication further reports that players hope to see familiar areas from the first two games in the series to be revisited, seeing as how "Dark Souls 3" will be the conclusion to the saga. Other gamers apparently hope the DLCs would feature expanded lore, a new setting, and the ability to travel back in time.

At any rate, with the impending launch of "Dark Souls 3 DLC," sales for the game are expected to increase further. Venturebeat reports that the sales for "Dark Souls 3" reached a total of $45 million in the first month of release alone. The game was released in April 2016.

Further details are scarce where the "Dark Souls 3 DLC" is concerned, but fans are already looking forward to getting a sneak peek at the first set of expansion packs before it is released in the fall.

The E3 is happening in Los Angeles, California on June 14-16.