'Destiny 2' release date news 2016: 'Rise of Iron' revealed, coming out Sept. 20; 'Destiny 2' arriving in 2017?

Promotional image for the first-person shooter video game "Destiny: Rise of Iron" | Facebook/Destiny

"Rise of Iron," the third expansion to Bungie's popular online-only first-person shooter game "Destiny," has just been unveiled and will arrive on Sept. 20. "Destiny 2," the sequel, is expected next year.

On Thursday, June 9, Bungie and Activision dove into "Destiny: Rise of Iron," the game's third and possibly final expansion, for the first time during a Twitch livestream event. The presentation introduced the Plaguelands, the game's new playable area, as well as the Fallen enemies calling the dangerous region home.

Apart from the Plaguelands, "Rise of Iron" also includes Felwinter Peak and a recreation of The Wall, the "Destiny" starter area. Along with the new playable regions, "Rise of Iron" features a host of content updates, including a multiplayer mode, a new Strike, a new Raid, a level cap bump, and new patrols, enemies, and public events. The expansion also introduces more weapons, more quests, and more gear.

But the highlight of the "Rise of Iron" livestream was the return of the Gjallarhorn. The beloved rocket launcher is once again a viable weapon that can be earned through a quest. Forbes noted that while players can get the Gjallarhorn by completing a mission, only the limited edition black-and-silver version of the weapon will be available to those who preorder the expansion.

During the "Rise of Iron" reveal, Activision announced that players will need the original game, as well as the first two expansions, to enjoy the third. The new expansion, which is priced at $30, will be available exclusively for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and the Xbox One when it hits store shelves in September.

According to Activision and Bungie, PS4 owners will have access to exclusive content at launch. What this content is and how long it will be available were not disclosed.

While neither Activision nor Bungie has released official word about "Destiny 2," the sequel to the highly successful "Destiny," fans expect the game to arrive in 2017.